Anatomy of a Newborn Session


What does a newborn session entail? How do I prepare? What do I expect during and after?  

These are all questions that clients send to me in anticipation of their newborn photo session.  The short answer is: Bring your baby, perfect as is and I’ll handle the rest.  I firmly believe that new moms have enough on their plate; they shouldn’t have to worry about doing anything than showing up (and maybe showering) for our session days. 


Before the session, it can help to have a neutral onesie or any blankets or swaddles you’d like to be photographed laid out.  But these are also things we can grab during the session.  I always bring a few blankies as well, but the ones with the most meaning are the ones you use around your home and will remind you of those sweet newborn snuggles.


Often parents worry that their home is not bright enough or “done” enough for photographs.  I’ve done sessions in homes mid-remodel and mid-move-in.  As long as you have one good window, we can make it work.  When I arrive at a client’s home, I take a quick tour, looking for the best light and interesting spaces or textures that will photograph beautifully and we go from there.  In every home, there is a space to tell the story of a family.


I also tell new parents NOT TO CLEAN.  I know, I get it.  I was the mom who tried to do All. The. Things. even with a new baby, especially when I knew my house would be in photos.  But now I look back and wish I’d put the vacuum away and soaked in those cuddles.  I’ve been known to move clutter out of the way of a shot, but other than that, dust bunnies won’t show in photos.  Genuine love for your little one though, that will show.


Parents who are welcoming their second–or third (or more!)–child often worry about getting big brother and big sister into the photos.  I love to let the older sibling play and interact in a way that honors their role in the family.  Sometimes this means photos interacting with baby, sometimes it means a special moment with mom or dad.  And once the bigs have their photos, they get to go back to play time!



My favorite moments to capture are of mamas and dads interacting with their new babies.  Because babies are on their schedule not mine, this often means taking photographs of diaper changes, snuggles, and feedings.  For nursing moms, I always ask if you’d like a few photographs of this special bond (but these are just for you–I don’t share on social media or my website!).



In-home newborn sessions last about 1.5 hours.  Sometimes we take a bit longer because we pause for baby’s needs–baby is in charge, not me.  But I’m always cognizant of your precious time with your little one and want to let you get back to your cozy snuggles when we’re finished.



After the session, I love to post a preview of my favorites on social media (with your permission).  Then I get to work choosing the very best images to edit in both color and black and white before sending along your final gallery.  From there, you get to choose the option that suits your family: digitals, or albums, or prints–it’s all there to be downloaded directly to your computer or shipped right to your door.  My goal is to make the process as easy as possible for you so you can get back to the moments that really matter.

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If you’re expecting, I would love to chat with you about how I can capture these fleeting early moments in a newborn session. 



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