What to wear to your family photo session


So many families put off scheduling photographs because they don’t have the “perfect” outfit, or even the perfect “coordinating set” of outfits for the whole clan. In the process, they miss the chance to document what matters most–the love between individuals in a family. You already have the perfect outfit in your closet; I promise. Here are some suggestions to pull together a timeless look from what you already own that will let YOU–not your clothing–shine!


  • Simple is best–Avoid busy patterns, text, or graphics and choose simple color schemes that put the focus on you not the words on your sweatshirt. Color is great, but choose color that will complement not compete with your surroundings. Taking fall photos? Jewel tones look great with fall leaves. Going for a shoot in the snow? Now’s the time to bust out the bright fuchsia to pop against the blanket of white. Shooting in the spring? Pastel tones and floral patterns will match the aesthetic of your location. Keep jewelry and accessories to a minimum as well. Think classic pieces that will look timeless in your photographs.


The most important thing you can wear is something that feels like YOU.

  • Avoid “matchy matchy”–We are past the days of the entire crew showing up in pressed khakis and a white button down! Rather, choose a color palette of 2-4 colors and try to get everyone within those groups.


  • Be comfortable, but not too comfortable–Don’t show up to your photshoot in the stained sweats that sustained you through the pandemic of 2020, but wear something that you can move in and feel good in. Not only will we move around a lot and have fun at our shoot, if you feel comfortable and beautiful in what you’re wearing, that feeling will come across in the final product. If you’re comfortable in a long, flowy dress, they photograph beautifully. If you’re more comfortable in jeans, denim it is. The most important thing you can wear is something that feels like YOU.


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