January glory


When most people think about family photos, they think fall leaves and warm temps. Few people think about booking a family session in the dead of winter. But this family braved the temps and got some gorgeous, glowing shots in the process!



This mama is about to have baby #2 but still managed to pick up and snuggle her two-year-old, get down on the ground for some sweet shots, and even change in the car (Dirty Dancing Style) for some dramatic gown photos.



This sweet girl and her daddy also snuck in some camera time alone. Seeing a girl who adores her dad is just the best thing ever.



Winter can be just as beautiful as fall for family photographs, especially when we have some gorgeous warm days in the forecast in St. Louis where the weather is constantly changing. So grateful to this sweet family for letting me capture these moments for them.


  1. Lauren Reusch says:

    These are beautiful, Erin!

  2. Mildred Killian says:

    Love them

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